Vintage Kathie Winkle Corfu Dinner Plates


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Some minor surface crazing. No chips. Very Condition for use and age.

Vintage Kathie Winkle Corfu dinner plates are a type of ceramic dinnerware produced by the British pottery company, Ridgway Potteries Ltd, in the 1960s. The plates feature a vibrant and eye-catching design with a central floral motif surrounded by a border of abstract geometric shapes in shades of orange, blue, and yellow. The pattern is typical of Kathie Winkle's mid-century modern designs and is inspired by the Greek island of Corfu.

The plates are made of high-quality earthenware and have a slightly raised rim. They are approximately 10 inches in diameter, making them perfect for serving main course dishes. The glaze on the plates is glossy and durable, making them both functional and attractive.

Vintage Kathie Winkle Corfu dinner plates are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of mid-century modern design. They are a unique and stylish addition to any table setting and evoke a sense of nostalgia for the bold and playful designs of the 1960s.

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